Monday, 6 August 2007

Daniel Sunjata: Not Recommended

Tru facts about the Daniel Sunjata we don't know. He did this to my beautiful sister and I'm telling to share to the fans who the real Sunjata is. A not nice man, a liar, cheater. The rest is a fake public image.Repeat: NO RUMOR BOUT DANIEL

To all the innocent girls who come on these sites lookingfor the truth when they got hurt or used or stolen from because theygot themselves involved with Daniel Sunjata. Thisis for you. He did this to me and my family and this is this is what's up.
- Everyone of a certain age in Evanston, IL knows Danny Condonas the man who abandoned his two daughters. Who are only 6 monthsapart by two different women. He had to be sued many times to pay hischild support. They live on welfare.
-Daniel Sunjata has a cocaine habit and that is what makes him broke.He spends his money on drugs.
- Daniel Sunjata tells the women and men he picks up that he is a nice,political, religious man. It is also part of a fake public image. Woulda honest good man lie or cheat on his girlfriend or to hundreds of women?Would they abandon their own kids? Or not see their grankid because of a wanting to be a sexy lead man. Answer f*cking Hellll No.
-Daniel the worst kind of dog and player and is goes around sleeping with men onthe DL and many women. He seduces women by letting themthink he's dating them and tells them he loves them until gets what hewants - sex.- He has a girlfriend for five years named Rosalba Sierra whose an old lady emigrantfrom Venezuela. Shes Daniel's doormat , the only one he takesto events. He tells the other women he dates behind their back to his friends their his "h**s". He don't love Ro. She don't got class to be a wife. Dan cheats on her constantly and dates other women. She is the dumbest woman alive and when the girls come and tell Rosalba that Dan has been their boyfriend Dan tells them they are fake people. Right. This is not nice or good or decentHe has one apartment with her in Harlem, but he has another house wherehe takes the girls and boys he is dating so he thinks hes single.- Don't ever leave anything at Daniel's house when he invited you therto f**ck him. He will steal it. Many women come to his fan site lookingfor him, if you want to meet the others or hear their stories just ask on his fan site and get the truth. They come To get their things back because once he gets the sex he never speaks to them again.He changes his numbers and he peaces out so no one can tell him they art hurt or he stole from them.He go on all the fan sites posting as fans saying he is hot sexy and the most talented. go ask moderators his IP is on aall the sites69.147.64.105Check yourself he is a psycho you will see